The Kodagu region of Karnataka, often referred to as Coorg, is an extremely picturesque and alluring mountainous area in south India. The area is renowned for its coffee plantations. Its stunning scenic beauty is captivating. Food and coffee lovers will get great pleasure from a honeymoon in Coorg. Imagine waking up with your loved one each morning to the fragrant aroma of coffee, fresh from the estates, and later in the day feasting on the distinctly spicy cuisine that the region is famous for. What a treat! The highlight of a visit to Coorg is Abbey Falls, near the main town of Madikeri. The cardamom and coffee plantations that surround the falls really enhance its beauty. It's possible to hike there, as well as enjoy other treks around the area. Head in Raja's Seat for stunning sunsets and panoramic views across the valley, although it's much quieter there in the morning. This garden spot was apparently a favorite of the Kings of Kodagu. Coorg offers moderate and pleasant climate throughout the year. But the best time to visit is from October to April.